Looking back

I know some people say ‘Don’t look back, only forward’ but bollocks to that. I personally like to reminisce from time to time and thought as the memory of my racing past is a bit all over the place that I would sit down and try and work out what came where. This probably isn’t of much interest to anyone apart from me but I can live with that and so while trying to be concise here it goes. πŸ™‚

Entered first races at Dalby forest in Youth category in the now defunct SIMBA series. Big field of 40odd and finished top half in each of the 6/7 races I entered. I was now hooked.

One of the perks of SIMBA; cake! Yes, that is my hair πŸ™‚

Moved up a category to Junior and still only entered SIMBA races. Think I won one and came second in a number of others. Won the overall. Also took part in my first endurance race, again held by SIMBA, which was a 6hr on Saturday and a 4hr on Sunday. Managed to finish 3rd in the Junior cat (by default πŸ™‚ ).

Broadened my horizons and entered a couple of NPS rounds at Sherwood and Margam at the time when they were also embracing marathons. Did both the XC and the enduro to make the travelling worth it but only the 2hr one due to my age. Got my head kicked in both, which I expected.

Margam 2004. ''Ive got to race up that!''. Nice saddle angle ey?

Entered more NPS rounds but could now enter the 6hr category on the Sunday were I felt I could do better. I entered Thetford, Margam and Sherwood. Finished around 10th-20th in the Sport category at each round but managed half decent results in the enduros finishing with a podium at Sherwood 6hr.

The year I got on a great team and felt like I was a part of it all or some clichΓ© similar to that. First time I trained properly and felt amazing with amazing form for first half of the season. Won Gorrick100 5lapper, podium in a NPS Sport race and good results in all the enduros I did without really killing myself, then came 24hr solo at Mountain Mayhem, lost all my form and just felt crap. The rest of my season was rubbish bar a podium in the mixed category at Dusk ’til Dawn.

One of my favourite pics from 2006 as I look well lean and you can't see my face

Was still riding my bike a fair amount but never had the spark in my legs I saw in early 2006. Took part in a couple of small enduros that I went reasonably well in, Hit The North 12hr solo when both I and bikes fell to pieces and then No Fuss’s; 10 More in Moray. That was the last time I felt good form and ended up with my best long endurance result thus far when I finished 5th.

10 More in Moray, 2007. Check that saddle height! Urgh.

Took part in two races that I can remember, both endurance and both in pairs. Did a 12hr night race at Sherwood were we finished 4th I think and then Sleepless in the Saddle that was just rubbish and we only lasted a few hours if I remember rightly.

There’s a possibility I didn’t enter even one race this year!

Nutcracker XC 2010. Swiped from AndySpencerImages.co.uk

Took part in quite a lot of races looking back on it. Did the student champs in cyclo-cross and mtb, then took part in 24hrs of Exposure (were I finished 2nd last! Haha), did a number of summer cyclo-cross races and a couple of Nutcracker XC races, winning one and finishing second in the next. Also took part in my first roadie-esk races doing a couple of crits (got third in one despite leading everyone out) and then tried a proper road race with a proper peleton of 60 or so riders and lets just say road racing ain’t my thing!

Not much of a collection but I'm still proud of them

So that’s me so far and as for 2011, well, lets just say we’ll see what happens πŸ™‚


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