And so for 2011

With fitness slowly coming back and my weight slowly dropping I’ve been trying to work out what events to line up for during 2011 and I’ve come up with a list that I think makes pretty good reading.

April 24 Nutcracker 1: XC race (sport)
May 7 12hrs of Exposure/National Championships: 12hr solo
May 15 Nutcracker 2: XC race (sport)
May 28 Kielder Calling:3hr solo
June 11 Gisburn Dirty Dozen: 12hr solo
June 19 Nutcracker 3: XC race (sport)
July 2 Nutcracker 24: 12hr solo
July 16 National XC Championships: XC race (open)
August 20 Nutcracker 4: XC race (sport)
September 3 Kielder 100: 100miles solo

My main focus will, again be the longer endurance stuff as there is some sort of weird draw about them. The idea of riding your bike all day is very in keeping with the general mountain biker attitude that made me fall in love with the sport in the first place and if I can push my own ability while challenging others then all the better.

So three 12hr solos and a 100miler solo will take up the bulk of the season. I’ve said that I want to take part in these but will have to see how recovery goes following the previous long event as there’s a good chance I might not have recovered in time and/or got in any training before the next one, I’ll play it by ear and all that. Waiting until just before the event to enter should be fine bar the Kielder 100, which will probably be sold out long before the event itself and so there’ll be wanted ads posted on numerous forums in hope of finding a place. I wont be taking part in any 24 solos as basically I wont be fit enough, could dig too deep and then need months to recover, which will destroy my main aim for this season that is to be consistent.

Even though I like riding all day it’s not to say that I don’t like sprinting down singletrack and killing myself up climbs with the feeling that I’m going to explode from the intensity and as such I will also be taking part in the north east Nutcracker XC series and maybe the Open category at the National XC Championships as its also local.

In this ‘getting back to fitness year’ I’ve made a concious effort of keeping all my events as local as possible with no event being greater than 2hrs travel time to get there. Reasons for this are I’m not a massive fan of travel to begin with, I don’t want to travel halfway across the country to get my head kicked in, I don’t want to drag helpers half way across the country and waste their time to see me get my head kicked in and as you can see the list of events are still very good so why travel further afield.

As already stated my main aim for the season above all else is to be consistent, which is something I don’t think I have yet succeeded in achieving. I do also obviously want half decent results. In the up coming 12hrs of Exposure I believe that if I ride strongly a top 15 shouldn’t be out of my grasp and if everything falls my way then maybe, just maybe inside the top 10. Having said that I don’t really know what level I’m at so will be happy if I know I have put in a good performance regardless of the placing. Aside from that for the rest of the season I’d like to see strong results here and there and maybe a podium or two. That would make me a very happy chappy.


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2 Responses to And so for 2011

  1. Rob Lee says:

    nice to see you back on the race scene Nathan. Good luck with your season

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