Epic ride. Small write up

For the past week or so I didn’t feel that great on the bike but with a long race looming on the horizon I felt the need to see if I could go the distance on a decent length ride and so with the weather on my side that’s what I did.

Big rocks. Big smiles

The plan was for 6.5hrs, over half race distance but in the end it was closer to 8, not because I was slow but rather I had over estimated the required distance. I was also feeling strong so when I realised it was going to be longer than anticipated I thought ‘why the feck not!’. Glad I stayed out in the end as it’s really instilled confidence in me but that last 1hr of not having water or food didn’t half catch up with me in the last 30mins!

It wasn't a bad ol' day

I couldn’t believe how good I felt to be honest and that mixed in with favourable conditions, trails full of memories, deserted moorland and some great tunes in my ears (that I was belting out, it was deserted after all) made for arguably the best epic ride I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding 🙂

Plotted map of ride. Link: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4448791 if anyone's interested

I do hope however that I haven’t nailed myself too much though as I’ve got my first race this weekend. Fingers crossed that I can resurrect some sort of strength in my legs by then, it is Easter Sunday after all 😉


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