5 years ago today

5 years ago today (well, pretty much) I took part in the Gorrick100 5lapper and won it. Pretty much the best win I’ve had against strong competition without having to push too hard. That in itself made for a pretty good day but that isn’t the stand alone reason why that day means so much to me.

On crossing the finishing line having just caught and passed the two remaining riders in the last few hundred meters I was announced the winner and got handed the big engraved winning plate. Sweet. Bit of a handful though when warming down mind. Luckily for me though Rob Lees (Team manager, rider, coach and general head honcho of Extreme-Endurance, the team I raced on that year) mum, Rose who’d been supporting us was there to take it off my hands allowing me to spin the legs out.

Racing during the Gorrick100 5lapper in 2006

Once we’d all finished, cars packed and we were travelling back to Swindon it was only then that Rob told me what had happened during and after my race. Supposedly during the race Rose had been in the pits supporting the team members who were taking part, you know, as team supporters do (think I’ll refrain from using the normal term of ‘pit-bitch’ out of obvious respect) when a pit-bitch (I’ll use the term freely here) from a rival team came over to Rose and said ‘Would you mind moving out of the way as we have winners on our team’. Now I wasn’t there to hear it but if I understand correctly it wasn’t said in the nicest of ways. I can’t remember how Rose responded to this but I think she was dignified in her handling of it as well as being quite taken back at the rudeness as anyone would be.

So when I came across the line triumphant with my big, ass winning plate that I then handed over to Rose she knew what to do and so went and sat facing the rude pit-bitch, smiling with my winning plate happily presented in her lap.

Winning plate

The reason why that story means so much to me is that deep down 2006 was quite a hard year for me away from the bike due to the recent passing of my mother but every time I think of this story and what Rose did it makes me smile as it is EXACTLY what my mother would have also done in that situation.

Here’s to memories and to mothers who always know exactly what to do.



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