3 in 1

Today I carried out 3 individual training sessions, which is something I haven’t done in many years. It felt good.

Started of with a nice tempo ride to my favourite hill, Carlton Bank. Did one interval up it and returned into the wind yet again. I felt pretty solid throughout and hill time was half decent, which is good considering how bad I felt a few days ago.

Carlton Bank lingering in the background ready to inflict pain

When getting back I did some stretching, more that usual to prepare me legs for what I was about to inflict on them; a run. Now I don’t use the word ‘hate’ lightly but it’s safe to say that I hate running. I think its mainly because ‘why run when you cycle?’ sort of attitude but also it destroys my legs. There was a brief period when I got pretty good at it. I could run for 50mins at a good pace a feel more than comfortable but the only reason I did it then is the same reason why I’m doing it now. Le Mans starts.

Running? Ewwww

A week on Saturday I’m taking part in the Gisburn Dirty Dozen and it has a 0.5mile run to start. Joy. I know 0.5miles is bugger all but from my experience a few minute jog has left my legs in pieces for a week and so if I go into it without even trying then it could knacker my legs for the preceeding 12hrs. Not good! So I did a very short run today and will every other day until the event so that the muscles get a bit more used to that horrid, inefficient movement πŸ™‚ The run today, well actually truth be told 5x1min intervals (ha!) went pretty well in as much as I can still walk currently but the true test will be if I can in the morning…

I'm a sweaty git at the best of times so a turbo session is asking for it

I finished of the day with a quick, hard blast on the turbo trainer. I’m not a fan of training on the turbo (notice how I didn’t use the word hate) but it serves a purpose in that it’s very controllable, if incredibly dull and hard to keep a pace up when there is nothing else to distract you apart from the discomfort and the pool of water slowly forming around you. It is satisfying though when you’ve completed the session you intended to carry out πŸ™‚

A pretty decent training day in my books.


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