Sleepless in the Saddle preamble

Sooo twenty four hours of riding. To say it it’s a piece of cake, to think about it, also pretty easy, to actually do it? Well I’ll find out this weekend.

I have entered 24solos before but with little success. First one was in 2006, was uber fit with awesome team backing but my head and legs had other plans and never felt like I was racing. Second was last year at the first UK24 Champs but that was more for a laugh to end uni with rather than compete, which was very true as my knee exploded 4hrs in and I called it a day. This weekend though I am taking part in Sleepless in the Saddle and I will be racing, properly! Positive thinking leads to positive actions right?…

My main race bike, all 28lbs of it. Need to put on different tyres mind.

I did say in one of my earlier blogs that I wouldn’t be taking part in a 24solo this year but times change! I have ridden Sleepless in the Saddle before in 2008, as a pair when it was horrendously bad with mud and we didn’t last too long. So far the weather sites are telling me that it should be a good weekend of weather with the odd shower. Initially I would have been happy with any weather; mud, shine, wind but I suppose taking things one step at a time is a better approach and I’m welcoming the decent looking conditions.

I’m reasonably organised for this weekend, 2 bikes built, gazebo bought, a pit crew of two, lots of spare and tires of various widths and lights that should be adequate enough, they’re probably the main thing playing on my mind at the moment but I’m sure they’ll be fine.


Fitness and mentally wise I’m pretty solid, not as fit or as light as I’d like but I don’t mind, life gets in the way sometimes preventing a perfect build up but that’s the case for many people taking part so no need to moan about it. I’ve done two 12hr solos this year and had a long, hard weekend of mtbing a few weeks back so I’m confident I can go the distance even though it’s going into the slight unknown. My aims are of achieving a top10 and riding throughout, do that an I’ll be happy but do that well and I reckon I could finish quite a bit higher. Time will tell.

My ghetto headlight. Slightly different now but still using the ace T6 led.

I am looking forward to it though, although this is probably, in part nievity from all the suffering I’ll be experiencing but comes with the territory doesn’t it? One thing I’m not looking forward to though is work the week after but for now, I’ll put that to the back of my mind 🙂


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