A new max HR is good for recovery, right?

Three weeks have passed and although I feel okay in myself I’m not 100% sure I’m fully recovered from the ordeal of racing my bike for a day and I’m not too surprised to be honest. Although I have a residual fitness base from riding bikes on and off for the past decade I’ve only really be taking things ‘seriously’ again since February, which isn’t a massive amount of time and it’s not surprising that a 24solo has probably well and truly eroded anything I worked towards and so making recovery quite long and laborious. Uber fit and healthy people take weeks to recover from them so in my opinion it should take me much longer.

208. Puke-tastic.

I have had numerous indications that I am recovering well though. Things such as I’m sleeping well, no aches or pains and I managed to achieve a new max heart rate. Getting my heart rate up is, from past experience one of the key areas that I use to gauge current fatigue level. Struggling to get my HR up usually means I’m tired so the fact I was able to achieve a new max heart rate can only be a good thing surely? Yes and no I suppose. Yes, as I was able to do it. No, as I had push really, really hard only 2 weeks after the 24 to do it! which cannot have really helped the whole recovery process.

No photos from last few weeks so here's another SITS one.

I do have to say though, that in the grand scheme of things it was worth it as it was achieved in a brutally hard race, which is always a good thing in my books đŸ™‚ . The final round of the Nutcracker series was held in the depths of the Yorkshire Dales at the Dales Mountainbike Centre and the course was essentially ride up a cliff, ride down a cliff, repeat twice more. It was great and I didn’t actually feel too bad, I expected to feel empty pretty soon after the start but I didn’t. I did by the end but I could deal with it then even if it did cost me a place as I started to loose feeling in my arms in the final descent!

That links onto another new thing I’ve noticed while recovering. I expected my legs to be trashed for a while but it appears that my arms are also suffering from the same ‘trashed-ness’, hardly surprising really as they were in use as much as my legs but it doesn’t half feel strange. When you’re used to carving out berms (knarly dude!) and popping the front wheel up to not being able to do it very well is odd. I’m looking forward to the point when I feel normal on the bike again but with taking part in the Kielder100 this weekend coming I can’t imagine that being any time soon…


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