Peak district toothpaste

My lycra fetish can only handle two weeks completely off a year and as such that is my rest period over and done with. I’m now looking towards 2012, goals, hopes and aspirations but before I go and get ahead of myself I needed a good, hard ride to cleanse the soul and destroy the bike. Luckily the Peaks is just the place.

Peaks, be prepared to be ridden over!

I met up with riding and racing buddy, David Maloney for him to show me around some more of the trails that he has on his doorstep in Sheffield – lucky bugger.

The ride was great. Lots of ups and downs, rain and wind, grit (lots and lots of grit) and rocks, coffee and gels and a comical front-wheel-swallowing-bog-over-the-bars-into-a-jog-in-front-of-unknown-riders maneuver from myself that I don’t mind in saying I was mightily impressed with. And all finished off with a pint.

This gritty heap used to be my bike - Damn you Peaks! 😉

A proper ride in my books. May the next few months bring many more.


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I like to ride bikes
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