Adapting to a change

The ability to adapt will lead to success. That’s what I’ve been told anyway, it’s just a pitty I’m stubborn and don’t like change!

The initial idea was to smash October and November training wise, 15-20hrs a week was the plan, set myself up for next season and not risk the possibility of heavy snow fall during December and January leading to minimal road time. That, as of yet has very much so not happened, in fact October has had very limited riding time. My excuse; a pesky, proper job.

It’s taken me a while to adapt to this thing that initially seemed to consume my entire week in working time, commuting time, worrying time and any free time from that schedule I just wanted to let loose, along with seemingly the rest of the workforce but luckily (I hope anyway) this phase is behind me.

I had almost convinced myself I didn’t have enough time to train properly or ride during the week and at the weekend I’d feel flat as a fart, generally recovering from the night before that any bike time was limited to pootling around or just feeling incredibly leaded. Not good for a guy who wants to surpass this season with the next but I think I’m at a stage now were I’m just about finding that balance that just about any other working, competitive cyclist has.

Weekdays are short and sharp and weekends are long and slow. As simple as that really and its this simplicity that I really like. Scientific it is not but I believe it will be effective enough and as such I’m really enjoying it. Killer session after work, get all the aggression out and then mini epics at the weekend. About 10hrs a week in total, not loads but it’s all about consistency isn’t it?

If I can keep this up until springish next year when the weather starts to improve and I actually get a bit of daylight during the week I reckon I’ll be in good stead for the season. That the aim at least. Simple!


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