2011. A good year I suppose. From start to finish the stand out moments went like this;

Overweight, unfit, injured
Lost weight, got fit, overcame injuries
New, better bike position
29er bike
Big confidence inspiring ride
Roughed it in the wilderness (albeit for a single night)
Two (1, 2) 12hr races that went well
One 24hr race that went very well
Got injured, got fat and so currently I’m unfit.

Funny how things come full circle!

So I’m starting 2012 in a similar vain to 2011, a step ahead in reality though. I’m confident I’ll get over my current ankle issue soon, weight will drop pretty quickly, fitness will amount steadily and with the confidence, experience and miles gained from 2011 I believe 2012 will be another solid year.

I’m not aiming to break records or anything in 2012 (or ever to be honest) I just want to enjoy what I’m doing and feel as though I’m moving forward. If half decent results come with that then great, if not then ‘meh’!

To 2012.

Time to go enjoy* the rest of 2011!

*get real drunk and stay out alllllll night


About NaffJudge

I like to ride bikes
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