Back training

Been 7 weeks but I’m back riding and very pleased about it. 🙂

Ankle still isn’t 100% but doesn’t seem to be getting any better with rest and eccentric exercise so thought I’d go for a ride and see how it faired with a bit of active recovery. It faired very well.

3hrs yesterday and 3hrs today. Feel pretty good too, which was a pleasant surprise. Not amazing by any stretch of imagination but thought I’d be turning around and heading home after 30mins, so back to back 3hrs sessions is very satisfying.  Last year, in early Jan I could barely ride for an 1hr without discomfort so I’m way ahead in comparison.

As I say, ankle isn’t fully recovery and could feel it on the odd occasion during the rides, pedalling round corners for example. Don’t think it’d like mountain biking much with the stopping and starting and differing intensities but flatish road riding with high RPM and low load I think I will be okay and reckon it’ll get better over time whilst continuing with the eccentric exercises too.

Not sure how quickly it’ll get back to full health but I can’t see me making a spirited effort at my first event of the year Hit The North 3 in early Feb although I might still go though, absorb the atmosphere, chat to some people and hopefully get hyped about the rest of the year. We’ll see.


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