Hit the North after hitting the town

I keep it short as I have no pretty pictures to post šŸ™‚

Last month pretty much been on the bike every day. Not hours and hours but nice and consistent. Ankle was feeling alright, working progress lets say and Hit the North rolled around in no time but before that I had a stag do to attend the night before. Perfect prep I reckon!

Didn’t feel too rough in the morning despite taking in seemingly half of Yorks pubs and bars but I was defiantly dehydrated. Not wanting to need to loo while travelling over to Manchester I restrained myself from too much water.

Trip over was pretty good, early morning driving in the rising sun of a crisp winters day. On arrival the sun soon disappeared and was replaced by snow clouds, you know the ones I’m talking about, those ones that just look like there’s snow on the cards.

Anyway, lined up and off we went, I was pushing but no redlining, close mind. The course was great, very little mud on the uber hard, rutted ground. My cross tires at 50psi were a poor choice! After the initial shock of the pace as is the norm this early in the season, I settled in and was really enjoying it. Its rare that you feel atmosphere when racing, usually your mind is pre-occupied but I could in this one. It was great or maybe I just wasn’t focusing enough!

After a number of laps the top surface started getting a bit slithery, which led to a number of ‘shit, that was close’ moments. Topped up the adrenalin if nothing else, I suppose. Then them clouds fulfilled their promise and it started to snow, not much and didn’t really affect the race, just added to the day.

Last lap I wanted to kill it but the lap had already had its way with my legs and I was done so just did what I could to try and maintain where ever I was. Crossed the line incredibly happy but well aware the sky was opening up. Darted for the car, in the rugby car park* and made my merry way home! A top 18hrs all in indeed šŸ™‚

*That’s significant as those parked in the event car park had some fun trying to leave! Jase and co were on it though digging people out, top lads.

P.S. Notice how I don’t mention that bog and climb at all? That’s cause I’m trying to remove it from my memory. How hard was that section you ask? 208bpm hard.


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