Nailing my colours to the mast

At work, looking at the computer screen but not registering it, surrounded by my usual files and paper of organised chaos. A quiet day as they go, I stare out the window with the blue skies that envelop the panoramic view of the factories site as I sit there in the comfortable office heat that almost begins to fool you into thinking it could be warm outside, my mind begins to wonder and I start to think about the summer.

I know its currently cold out but before we know it warmth will return and along with it, long rides and fitness. I start to think about events I want to do and how well I want to do at them. Last season I got on the Sleepless in the Saddle solo podium. Despite having less time to train now I still want to progress from this. I want a top5 at Mountain Mayhem solo.

In a momentary lapse in judgement I tweet this thought.

It gets retweeted by the Mountain Mayhem news feed.

Thats my thought well and truly nailed to the mast then!

As someone who is usually quite cautious about talking about their own ability and aims this is quite a statement for me but I do think it’s attainable. Competition is tough as is the event. Top players always come out to play. 1 or 2 are usually streets ahead of everyone else but then there’s 5-10 others who can make that top5. I want to be one of those. I’ve got weight to loose and rides to get in but I’m pretty sure I will be there or theres about.

Just need to get over this chesty cough!


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