Igor the Twitchy

Taking a drink from your water bottle while riding a bike is as easy as, erm, riding a bike. It’s second nature, just something you do, doesn’t need thought, well this doesn’t quite ring true when you’re riding Igor the twitchy!

There’s a guy at work, he rides bikes, he rides them pretty quick, doesn’t race them, just goes out and nails himself for an hour or so at the end of the day. He comes in and quotes his average speed. Im suitable impressed although, at the same time have nothing to gauge it on as I only ever train using a HR monitor when out, nothing else. But his enthusiasm got me interested; how could I make my training bike quicker without going out a buying anything new. It would mainly be for laughs and giggles and what I did to it almost certainly guaranteed that.

My training bike was a fully rigid 26er mtb with 29er wheels with ickle tires and still sort of is I suppose. I had some road wheels and even ickler tires stored away and an old, well used road frameset. I wondered for about a minute and then got to work. On went the road fork, wheels, tires and a single front brake. So narrower, harder tires and a load less weight. Should be quick. Sorted.

I laughed at the sheer sight of it, the clash of MTB and road creating something that wouldn’t be a miss on Scrap Heap Challenge, the head angle so steep that to lean forward would mean going arse-over-tit over the bars, but that didn’t scare me off from doing a 4hr ride straight off the bat.

As expected it’s one ugly, twitchy mudda hubbered.

Its pretty fast though though (providing I don’t crash and burn from loss of balance from taking a drink while riding over a ripple in the tarmac!)

Mission accomplished.



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I like to ride bikes
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