Needed a foundation, base if you will to my fitness, something to build on while looking ahead to Mountain Mayhem. I knew I needed this, I knew I had a week off in April, just needed a little something more to get me in gear and as if by magic Rob Lee presented ‘Ride 1000miles in April’ challenge. Couldn’t have been better really.

A very common sight during the rides; An incoming torrential shower.

As someone who pretty much exclusively trains based on intensity, feel and time training based on mileage was quite alien to me. Vary rarely has average speed been a factor in my training but to accomplish this challenge it needed to be analysed. Also, to add an additional edge, the first 5 days of April I had off the bike followed by an XC race, which tore my legs to shreds. Good start!

Finally, free newspapers have a purpose!

Couldn’t rest up though as I had a week off work and needed to make it count. For this challenge I decided to make bigger loops that my usual training runs so not to get bored out my brain, this unleashed a vast amount of great routes that were just sitting on my door step that had been neglected as I’m very much a creature of habit.

Was tough going, felt like I was treading water at times but got into a rhythm eventually, got used to riding tired and fatigued and just go on with it. I also got used to another inevitable thing being the rainiest April on record; getting wet and cold. A big dose of MTFU and this wasn’t an issue (easy to say now, wasn’t at the time, I assure you!)

On one of the tiny roads, new to me, middle of nowhere; A war monument.

Got my 1000miles though and with that got my base. Now its time to build some form!


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