Enduro6 write up

Me and me mate, David had a pairs at Enduro6 on the cards for a while but it didn’t half roll round quick. For me it was the kick off to the hard rides I needed to add form to the base I’ve built up. Don’t do pairs too often, only once properly, so not too used to it, had a feeling that going out cold into a full effort several times would serve as ‘mega-intervals’ though.

Nice and sunny for the start 🙂

I camped, was cold or so I was told but being several duvets and sleeping bags deep I was alright, them fecking birds at 5am though…gits. Wasn’t the only thing stiring early in the morning though as 14 bikes had been stolen that night by some scum of the earth 😦 Note to self; buy shit loads of locks. As I emerged from my tent looked like it was going to be a decent day weather wise and although the ground was of a very soft, plasticine texture I didn’t feel the need to swap to my ickle mud tires (read; cross tires). Could just tell, however that it was defiantly going to hard work.

Met up with David and the first thing he said ‘lets get it out of the way, call it in the air’ me ‘heads’ him ‘bastard’. Looks like David was doing the run then! Hahaha 🙂 We got had a coffee, joked that the police present were the heavies to prevent people from leaving the pit (although I make light of the fact they were actually talking to the unfortunate people who had their bikes nicked 😦 ), got sorted and 10am rolled around in no time.

Our pen for the 6hrs

David put in a decent run and off he went on his lap. Nothing left for me to then sit on my arse thinking that I should really do some stretching of some sort. Before I knew it he was around and I was away. Aim was to set off hard but not red-line it. This lasted about 4 pedal stokes before I started pushing like it was a sprint. It was also in that same amount of time that I realised the ground was trying to swallow me and I was barely moving. Very hard going indeed.

I felt pretty good but was pushing way too hard though but ‘meh’, more I suffer now, the less I do in June, right? 😉 . The course was similar to SITS but different enough to be entertaining, main difference was the lack of speed from the evil clay type mud. Everyone was in the same boat though so just pushed on. I was riding around with a few people, getting dropped on the climbs but pulling them back on the flats and single track, was an interesting rubber band type thing we had going on. Was fun but I defiantly need to work on my climbing/loose weight (hardly a fat-knacker mind).

Before and after. Plasticine-tastic.

Before I knew it (but not before my back did, low cadence isn’t my backs friend) my stint was over and it was back to David. We knocked out the laps pretty consistently and we were both enjoying the event, what could be better. Finishing top20, that’s what. That was the aim for the day. After the first few hours we were mid/late 20s but after a while our endurance and consistency kicked it, my last lap I tried to pin it but my previous efforts had taken it toll. Legs felt like there were blocked by lactic but I got around in an okay time and handed over to David for the final. We still did well though as upon crossing the line we finished 18th. Very pleasing.

A top day out, great training too, hopefully might have some zip in my legs for the Selkirk marathon in a few weeks time, fingers crossed. 🙂


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