Sunrise. Sunset. Sunrise. Sunset.

BOOM and its June. Time flies, ey?

Along with June comes Montain Mayhem and my big aim for the year. Phrasing it like that make its sound as though it’s all eggs in once basket sort of thing but that gives me mixed emotions. Yes, I want to do well but desiring that too much might take the fun out of it and I ain’t good enough (yet) to take it too seriously. Bit of a balancing act to be had I reckon but if I ride it as I plan to I should enjoy the challenge of the task rather than the battle with the competition. Have previously stated that I wanted a top5, that’s still the aim and think is achievable if I ride consistently and to a level I know I should be capable of.

Training’s been going pretty well. Vast majority of my training is at the weekend using the week to recover. Done a number of fair sized weekends. Took part in the Selkirk Marathon. That was a great day out. Big terrain, decent weather, some annoying hike-a-bike section but I didn’t expect anything less! Felt solid if unspectacular. Spent the following day bashing Inners trail centre, a lap with Exposure supremo Josh Ibbett (see the vid here!; ) and then a few more laps just to get my days worth.

Had another solid weekend of a few laps of Dalby and then a solid road ride, event if it did involve numerous punctures, a dud tube and an all-or-nothing tube repair, that just about held!

Weekend just gone was going to be huge! Got wind of a 7hr race around Glentress last year but was taking part in 12hr at Gisburn so told myself I’d do it this year and so glad I did. 7hrs around one of my favourite trail centres, what’s not to like? It was on the Saturday, which was perfect. Race Saturday, train sun, mon and tue. Cheers Queeny!

Race went well, started pretty much at the back, which meant red lining it at the start so not to get caught up after the ‘neutral’ start. I saw it as an aggressive warm up. Aside from almost loosing my saddle bag, twice on the first lap it was great. Essentially one big up and then one big down. Involved bits of the trail centre, some in reverse and some natural sections, which we pretty damn technical. In the wet, like last year I can’t imagine how hard it would have been.

I tapped out the laps in my consistent manner, feeling okay, not great but not bad either. Getting lapped by Greig Brown within 5hrs kind of sucked but I’ll live with it 😉 . Had my usual last lap surge, caught a few people and finished 11th overall. Great day and good training.

I was pretty rinsed but looking forward to the next 3 days of training but, alas they weren’t to be. Managed 4hrs around Glentress on Sunday but had caught some sort of bug that really wiped me out so haven’t done any training since. I think I’m just about over it now, just in time for one last solid weekend of battering my body into shape before tapering towards the big day! Can’t wait.


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2 Responses to Sunrise. Sunset. Sunrise. Sunset.

  1. Josh says:

    You were looking good at inners Nath. You’ll put in a strong ride at mayhem for sure, just keep it consistent!

  2. NaffJudge says:

    Cheers buddy. See you there!

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