Mountain Mayhem additionals

In addition to my race report a lot of other stuff and stories have been rattling around in my head in regards to the event so thought I’d share.

At some point during the night I started hallucinating. I saw monkeys jumping, trees waving and more bizarre still, car mats draped over fences.

The only time I fell off was on the last lap. The course was very porridge like by that point and on one corner the mud failed to release my front wheel. I fall over onto soft mud. Distinctly remember sitting there thinking ‘damn, this is comfortable’ before the moisture started seeping through my shorts and another rider crashes into me.

I had next to no protein for the entire event.

I had one bottle per lap, fine if they were sub 1.5hrs. They weren’t. I was 4kg lighter than I should have been the next day.

I borrowed Robs bike, happy to see it having a rear mudguard as I took it as I don’t like having a wet arse. Half way round I start getting a wet arse. Realised the mudguard had broke off somewhere. On returning to the pits;
‘Rob, I’ve lost your rear mudguard. Sorry buddy’
‘No worries mate. It was yours’
‘aww’ 😦

Having just reapplied chamois cream, I put tub on floor without the top, rubbed gloves, mud goes straight into the tub. Idiot.

After the finish I laid on my back, tried to pick the mud out from around my eyes, gravity made sure it went straight back in.

I had zero back pain for the whole event. I thought my ankle was going to fall off though.

During the night in the heavy rain I put on an additional pair of bib shorts. I put the bib straps over my jersey and then a jacket on top of that. During the morning I took the jacket off but didn’t rearrange the additional bib straps. Didn’t realise until a fellow rider said ‘Are you a wrestler?’

I felt pretty chipper throughout – Not sure if that came across to my pit crew though.

No real mechanicals aside my spare bike being on cusp of ripping off its rear mech.

On my main bike I went through less than half a set of brake pads. Cooking them was worth it, it would seem.

In the morning of the Sunday there was a girl handing out Pringles to riders just before the u-turn ahead of the scaffolding bridge. I missed and dropped it, much to the demise of the surrounding crowd. Going around the u-turn and I see the girl running over to hand me another one just before the bridge. Her mum shouts ‘that’s too close to the bridge!’. Hmm, maybe but challenge accepted! I take the Pringle half a meter before the steep ramp up the bridge, realise I’m in a big gear but grind that sucker out, a rider then stalls infront of me but I make it around and over, just! Cheers all round! Sadly the Pringle didn’t make it.

My brothers wife said that he looked more knackered than I did.

I’m still buzzing from the whole weekend.



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