On the cusp

1.3% doesn’t sound like a lot, to quantify would seem marginal to some but a difference it is. If I was 1.3% quicker one Thursday I would have broke the 5hr Century barrier I was aiming for but alas, I covered the 100miles in 5hr 3m and 47s. I was a bit gutted being on the cusp achieving the goal I set out with but at the same time I was pretty close now, wasn’t I? But no, being on the cusp of something and not achieving it is lame. Being on the cusp is part of everyday life. A fine line between failing and achieving.

Riding is a big part of my life and will be as long as I can pedal but other areas are gathering momentum and it’s in these areas were I feel truly on the cusp. Teetering back and forth having mixture of doubts followed by a wave of determination. I’ll be damned if I teeter towards the side of failure. Lets have it!

But anyway, this is a riding blog so let me bring it back! I won’t be trying break that 5hr Century barrier any time soon (especially with me imminently moving back to hilly West Yorkshire) and the next century I’ll be riding will probably take almost twice the time but regardless of that fact I’m looking forward to the Kielder100, and this year I will finish (hopefully get a top20 too).


About NaffJudge

I like to ride bikes
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