If you wake up with a ‘crick’ in your neck don’t ride your bike!

As I did.

Woke up yesterday and turning my head left was damn uncomfortable. Great. Looks like a lovely crick in the neck for me!

No worries though, bit of an inconvenience but nothing more, or so I thought.

Went out for my ride, wasn’t too bad, didn’t really notice it to be honest but on getting back and off my bike, bloody hell, never experienced pain like it and I’ve been in a car crash, been ran over, crashed into trees, etc, etc. This was something else!

It was like extreme cramp at the base of my skull, but it didn’t appear to be triggered by a certain movement as most cramps are and further more as I didn’t know what movement triggered it I couldn’t move in the opposite way to alleviate it, although I tried usually making it worse. I just have to freeze and wait for it to pass. I think I was on the verge of blacking out on a few occasions! New for me and truly horrid.

I thought sleeping was going to be interesting but once flat on my back and the cramp that movement induced had passed it wasn’t too bad. Don’t feel too bad today, back to a ‘crick’ but one that feels on the cusp of one of those horrid cramps.

No training for me today then. Bum.


About NaffJudge

I like to ride bikes
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