I’ve taken part in the local cross series since I knew there was such a thing, about Junior age, so 7/8years ago and I have never owned a proper fully fledged cross bike, always an MTB with diddy tires. Until now.

Playing in the park

The aluminium frame with carbon stays on my road bike had been getting more creaky at the rear end of late and it was pretty old so knew immanent retirement was due and with the plan of racing cross over the winter months to keep me ticking over at a time of year were I usually struggle and get fat, it was time to build up a proper cross bike!

Managed to get a bit of a bargain on fleebay. Graham Weigh frame, Kinesis fork, avid brakes, wheels, few other odds and ends for under £150posted. Bargain. Transferred the rest from my road bike and I was good to go.

Lightest I’ve been for half a decade but that’s still a big arse!
(Taken from NECCL gallery)

Did a quick ride around a local park that I haven’t ridden in years, almost killed myself on a bollard that never used to be there but aside from that it was good, like the feeling of the bike, like a relaxed road bike in feel, doesn’t feel as ‘nippy’ with slicks on but I don’t road race so I can live with that.

With that first ride out of the way only one thing left to do. Race it. Entered a local summer evening race and it was a blast. Bike felt good. I felt good. Everyone was a winner.

I am enjoying it, honest.
(Taken from NECCL gallery)

Very happy with it. Bring on the winter!


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