Dead knee

As per title really.

Managed to destroy my left knee a few weeks ago. Rather annoyingly, I’m almost certain it was caused from exercises I started doing intended to make them stronger! It’s right behind the patella and feels tight and uncomfy. Can’t quite work out whether it swelling or scar tissue, regardless means I can’t really ride my bike. I long for my usual patella tracking issue as they’re well easy to sort but hey-ho.

Spent a few easy weeks hoping it would improve but nothing. Seeing a specialist this week and going to be forcing rehab like a git. Before a few years ago I would have thought that that was at least half my racing season written off but having similar feeling after doing in my achilles and then coming back to do two 12hr solo and a 24hr solo, I’m more than hopeful, so much so that I still fully intend to take part in 24hrs of Exposure/Nationals/Euros in some six weeks time.

Luckily it being a 24 there are a load of elements to succeeding, true that having good legs is extremely important but so is a strong core and upper body (especially for singlespeeding!), being mentally ready and having your equipment and strategy sorted for it. So that’s what I’m going to be focusing on until my knee is back to normal, in addition to getting back to race weight, which will be easier said than done given I won’t be riding much!

Just call me fatty.


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