Broken Knee + Belly = Form

I remember a few years ago reading a story about a pro Belgium cyclist on Sean Kelly’s team, a name somewhere along the line of Eki Brussels*. Names not important, what I remember reading was that although a man of 40 or so he had form in the legs to stay with the youngun’s in major classic road races but sadly for him, he revealed that he had been racing with cracked vertebra not wanting to let his good form go to waste! Crazy I thought at the time, however I feel I’m currently in a similar situation (albeit on a much smaller and less server scale)

Sunny, muddy singlespeeding :)

Sunny, muddy singlespeeding 🙂

My last blog was how I killed my knee but I was hopeful of taking part in Exposure 24hr in mid-May but soon after that blog, when I tried to ramp up the training my knee pretty much said ‘No thank you’ and as such I drew a line on taking part in any long races any time soon.

Few weeks past with me pootling into work but with no real riding but then it started to happen, ‘nice’ weather was looming and I didn’t want to miss out on the fun so I saddled up yesterday in the sun and did a quick singlespeed session, not a good idea for someone who couldn’t walk down stairs a few weeks before but not only was there no ill affects, I actually took a few Strava KOMs, and was much of the same today too.

I was quiet surprised but it sort of made sense, months of pretty consistent riding and then a good few weeks lay off, looks like muscles recovered and I’ve found some form, even more so impressive when I was besting times I set in Nov/Dec when I thought I was going well and was over a stone lighter!

So what now, it appears that intense stuff doesn’t aggravate my knee, my theory is that my issue is related to a patella tacking issue (as it has been in the past) and intense riding in forcing the VMO to fire pulling the patella back in line so no discomfort or after affects (but will wait for the physio to confirm, hopefully!). Winner. So can I race? Well I’m going to do a 40k one next weekend around Malham, which should be good fun and will see how I go, if it goes well I might enter Enduro6 the following weekend. Will be shame to let this form go to waste but I defiantly can guarantee I wont be doing Exposure or Mayhem. Going to save myself for the latter part of the season I reckons.

I’m liking how things are looking 🙂

*His actual name’s Niko Eeckhout, wasn’t even close, ha!


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