Divine Intervention (Enduro6 write up)

So yeah, that knee issue I’ve been banging on about; well, long and short of it, it ain’t right but it would seem I can single-speed without aggravating it – Winner. About the time that I realised this I also found out that the 24hr European Champs isn’t being held next year but this years was still a good few weeks away… Pretty obvious where this is heading.

I wanted to make sure my knee (and various other ailments I’ve seemingly picked up, including a strained moob) were okay to race on. Did some short sharp rides and knee seemed good as were the times I was setting. I then took part in the Malham Tarn Attacked, which was a figure of 8 but I only lasted 1 of the loops as I froze in the horizontal rain and got lost in a bog but my knee held so then entered Enduro6.

In the lead up to the weekend the weather changed dramatically for the better and come race day morning and the course was rock hard, which is a first for me at Catton. Met up and chatted with some good friends and then line up on the start line for one of those crappy le-mans starts I love so much. Wasn’t too bad but was happy to get on my bike to spin my single-speed legs off to make up a more than a few spaces.

No real plan for pace but a semi-hard first lap and I have to say the lap was great, obviously helped massively by the fortune of good weather but yeah, damn good fun. Back off a bit at the end the lap and settled in.

Things were going well, legs felt good, back and knee were okay, pretty sure I was doing pretty well, decent craic with other riders, was great. Up until I got a punctured. Bastard. Lost more time than I should have but was back on it within 10min (love mini hand pumps, me..). Well that was until I soon realised that I mustn’t have check my rear tyre properly for another thorn. Pshhhhhhhhh. Balls. Changed that one too and was away again.

I wasn’t angry as I was enjoying myself too much but a result was out the window, so just backed off and enjoyed it so that when I got the 3rd puncture (!!), on the front this time I wasn’t too put off aside from the fact I had to ride part of the lap on the flat as I’d already used the two tubes on me. Got around to the pit, sorted that flat and then two last laps to finish of a good days riding!

So body check; everything’s okay! So much so that the entry has gone in for next weekends 24hrs of Exposure/European champs and I can’t wait. I was a little bummed out with multiple punctures at Enduro6 seeing off what was probably going to be a good result but having said that if I did race hard for 6hrs I would still be feeling it next weekend so I see those punctures as divine intervention stopping me from digging too deep. Lets hope its that anyway!


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