It’s about the journey and the taking part that counts

Trying to explain to a non-event partaker who knows me about how I entered a race, didn’t finish but still really enjoyed the weekend seems to confuzel them and to be fair, it did with me for a little bit. ‘How can you enjoy failure when it’s seemingly the main thing you care about’. They didn’t quite word it like that but it was along those lines and for the first time clichés seemed to help me justify seemingly failure and happiness in the same breath.

I don’t usually like clichés as it usually means the person spouting it can’t be bothered to think for themselves or in the case of competition they can be used as an excuse. ‘Pick your battles’ being a good one for someone who totally tanked in a race. This was my thought process regarding clichés anyway but the older I get (a wise, old 26 now) the more truthful they’re becoming.

8months ago I decided I wanted to go for the Singlespeed title at 24hrs of Exposure. All was going pretty well but then I did my knee in. I couldn’t walk down stairs 4weeks before the event. Seemingly racing it was totally off the cards. 2.5weeks prior the event however I had a day off work and chose to go out on my singlespeed, for fun more than anything. Singlespeeding didn’t seem to aggravate it and I felt pretty good too. A glimmer of hope it would seem. I pushed it and set about getting things in place about possibly taking part in Exposure. Was a frantic but exciting few weeks and felt confident enough to enter it on the final day possible. A few more frantic days followed but eventually got down south surrounded by like minded people. Ace.

The race itself I think I summed up pretty well in a tweet;

‘Started. Felt good. Gazebo blew away. Still felt good. Pissed it down. Stopped for a bit. Started again. Knee gave way. Game over. Beer.’

It probably sounded a bit blunt but I see it as being concise as actually the weekend was great. Not laughed and smiled so much in a good long while.

So basically from no chance of racing weeks before to actually taking part and having a great weekend despite being under prepared on most levels didn’t matter and as such the two clichés that make up this blogs title pretty much hit the nail on the head.

It’s how I got there and that I actually managed to turn the pedals for a bit – The realisation of why I (and most people I guess) like racing bikes so much.

But to end on another cliché; live and learn.

The next 24 I do, I wont be so under prepared. Promise.

See you at Relentless.


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