All quiet on the Western front

No wars going on, as such, just not too much worth blogging about.

I did have a fight with a cars bumper followed by the floor a few weeks ago mind. They were very much victorious in this fight, although the odds were stacked against me. In the end it wasn’t too bad, all I lost was skin, the ability to unclip with my left foot, a wheelset and confidence in metal box wielding road users.

Prior to this incident however I was building my fitness back up, for most this year I’ve been so-so with training, been riding my bike but wouldn’t really call it training, mixtures of distractions and knees not being quite right quashing anything that I would call consistent, quality training. Been doing enough to keep me ticking over though.

Even entered a 8hr race down in Thetford a few weeks ago, was great. Perfect for the single-speed and my slightly overly insulated human frame at the moment (I’m a bit fat). I struggled with energy drink that was too concentrated, headache and sore hands but end result was second so I was happy to stand on a box for the first time in a while.


There are some developments going on at the moment in regards some great people wanting to support me and other cycling projects I’m getting off the ground. Hopefully will mean some content worth blogging about!

Until then.


About NaffJudge

I like to ride bikes
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