I’m Nathan (Naff to some) Judge.

I like the idea of epic rides and epic races.

In 2011 I achieved some good results and in 2012 I want to build on this.

I hope you enjoy what you read no matter how rubbish it may be.

Contact: NathanJudge_1@Hotmail.com


3 Responses to About

  1. Rob Ford says:

    Hi Nathan,
    It’s Rob here, we were racing together on saturday and briefly spoke after our moment of glory on the podium. Hope you’ve recovered… i still keep finding mud in strange places. I’m emailing to say i’ve read your blog and and wandered if you ever fancied meeting up for a blast round the North York Moors or Dales sometime? I’m trying to get in few long rides at the moment, training for the Kielder 100 and thought it might be more interesting if there was some company from time to time! If you fancy it let me know either by email or text/phone.
    Cheers, Rob 07967155601

    • NaffJudge says:

      Hi Rob, Only just found this comment! was hiding from me. Ai, was mud-tastic, I defiantly need to hone my mud skills or there lack of. Might be up for a ride in the near future, currently tapering for sleepless in the saddle and then will be out of action for a few weeks due to chronic fatigue, fun! but after that should be up for something. Uming and Aring whether to get an entry in for K100, by the time i decide itll probably be full, rude not to mind with it being so epic and ‘local’. Time will tell. Hope Dalby went well yesterday, did two laps of red and forgot it was on, was busy on some sections of trail with lots of pedaling zombies. Looked like fun!

  2. Rob Ford says:

    Dalby was ‘interesting’- yet another mudfest, and ripped tyre scenario to deal with. Think I came in with the backmarkers after taking a wrong turn somewhere on route. From Glory to the Gutter in one week!! I may have a place on the K100 up for grabs if you decide to do it- my dad has had to pull out and is waiting to see if they will refund him. It’ll be nothing to you after SITS! If you do fancy a blast/epic sometime just let me know and good luck for next week.

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